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How to get there - Google map (Driving Directions). There is little to no available street parking in this area.

Work Day Description #1: Invasive species removal.  Participants will remove invasive species from the ARBOR area. Target species may include: Bush Honeysuckle, Wintercreeper, and Garlic Mustard.  Be prepared for the outdoors, possible muddy conditions, and moderately strenuous physical work and walking.

Work Day Description #2: Trash Clean-up.  Participants will remove trash and other flood debris from the ARBOR area.  Be prepared for the outdoors, possible muddy conditions, and moderately strenuous physical work and walking.

For projects at the ARBOR, participants must wear clothes appropriate for outdoor field work: long pants and appropriate footwear (water proof or water resistant boots, such as mud boots, hiking boots, etc. that - minimally - cover the ankle) are required (NO Crocs, Keens, or similar footwear permitted).  Water, gloves, equipment and a light snack will be provided.

Meeting Location: We will meet at the Michigan Street entrance of the Lilly ARBOR restoration site. The entrance is at street level (just across from Veterans' Hospital and north of Michigan St.) and is a gravel road (look for the yellow poles and a chain gate - and the big yellow CEES Service Learning sign board). There is little to no parking available near the site. Please plan to park on campus if at all possible. On weekends, campus housing lots are open to all IUPUI permit holders, so parking in lot 67 (which is on the corner of Michigan and Porto Alegre and is close to the ARBOR) may be available. To get to the ARBOR, follow Michigan west until the bridge at Porto Alegre. Turn right and the meeting location will be on your left (Approximately 608 Porto Alegre St) There is a link to the shuttle schedule at the top of the page. This service is free to IUPUI students and has drop off locations very near to our meeting location.

For more information see: Restoration Overview