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Holliday Park

Holliday Park

How to get there - Bing Map (Driving Directions)

Address: 6363 Spring Mill Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46260

Work Day Description #1: Native seed harvesting/sowing and invasive plant removal. Participants will work with Indy Parks and Recreation to remove invasive exotic plant species and plant native seed (when available). Target species may include: Burning Bush, Bush Honeysuckle, Wintercreeper, Garlic Mustard, Jetbread, and Oriental Bittersweet. Be prepared for the outdoors and moderately strenuous hiking - Holliday Park has hills and "ravines" so trails are steep, and there are many steps.

Work Day Description #2: Citizen Science - the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC). Participants will identify and count birds. Checklists will be submitted to GBBC to contribute to global efforts to track bird populations. Bird counting will be done at a stationary location with feeders (bird/wildlife watching area at the Holliday Park Nature Center), as well as outdoors (weather permitting). Be prepared for the outdoors and moderately strenuous hiking - Holliday Park has hills and "ravines" so trails are steep, and there are many steps.

Meeting Location: Please park near the Nature Center. Meeting location will be in the parking lot or Nature Center entrance courtyard (#1) or in the Nature Center lobby (#2); more exact directions will be included in the reminder email that will be sent prior to the project. 

Participants must wear clothes appropriate for outdoor field work.  Long pants and closed toe shoes are required (NO Crocs or Keens).  Tools, water, gloves, and a snack will be provided. Field glasses will be provided for the GBBC event (bird watching).

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Holliday Park Background Information from Indy Parks and Recreation

One of Indianapolis oldest parks, Holliday Park, located along the banks of the White River is a major urban resource encompassing 95 acres of woodland and trails. It features an installed arboretum, native prairie plots, extensive native and ornamental landscaped gardens, along with a playground and picnic area.

Holliday Park is one of the most environmentally diverse, yet accessible tracts of land within Marion County.  The park's wooded areas contains natural springs and wetlands, a woodland pond, and a long approachable stretch of the White River, a climax beech-maple forest, and over 400 tree, plant and wildflower species.  Bird watchers have listed more than 200 species in the Park.  In addition, deer, fox, beaver, rabbits, squirrels and many other native species reside in or pass through the Park's heavily wooded, plunging ravines.

Download Holliday Park Management Plan - January 2012 (pdf)

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