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Topical Resources

This page offers some links to topical resources that may be help with writing refections/essays associated with participation in the service learning projects offered at CEES IUPU. Scroll through the page to find relavent links.


For information on Non-native Invasive Species

"Alien Invasion", PBS Online News Hour

Amur Honeysuckle, Its Fall From Grace

Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Invasive Species

Indiana Native Plant And Wildflower Society, Invasive Exotic Plants & Landscaping with Native Plants

Midwest Invasive Plant Network

The Nature Conservancy Invasive Species

Invasive Species - Federal Government Agency

National Invasive Species Information Center

United States Department of Agriculture Plants Database

Indiana Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey (CAPS)

The Nature Conservancy



For information on Ecosystem Restoration

Ecological Restoration - Journal

Ecological Society of America

Nature Serve Explorer

Natural Heritage of Indiana - WFYI Program

Society for Ecological Restoration


For information on Combined Sewer Overflows (aka "CSOs")

Indiana Department of Environmental Management, Combined Sewer Overflows

SustainIndy Combined Sewer Overflows



For information on Ocean Plastics, Marine Debris, and Coastal Clean-ups

Microplastic Marine Debris

NOAA Marine Debris Program Accomplishments Report

NOAA Marine Debris Program

Citizen's Guide to Protecting the Mississippi Gulf Coast from Marine Debris



For information on Oceanography, Hypoxia and Indiana/Midwest Watersheds/Water Quality



For additional information on Oceanography/Watersheds/Water Quality

"After the Storm" - Watershed Program, United States Environmental Protection Agency

Blue-green Algae Website - State of Indiana

CEES Algal Toxicology and Dynamics

Drop By Drop: Protecting Indiana's Water Supply

Eagle Creek Watershed Alliance

"Hiring in Hydrology Resists the Slump"
New York Times

Indiana Department of Environmental Management Source Water Protection

Indiana Department of Natural Resources Office of Water

Indiana Department of Natural Resources Lake and River Enhancement Program

Indiana Water Quality Atlas

Marion County Health Department – Water Quality Sampling

National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science

Surf Your Watershed

United States Environmental Protection Agency
Office of Water

United States Environmental Protection Agency
Wetlands, Oceans, and Watersheds

United States Environmental Protection Agency 
Mississippi River Basin and Gulf of Mexico Hypoxia

United States Commission on Ocean Policy Final Report

U.S. Department of the Interior U.S. Geological Survey 
Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone—The Last 150 Years

U.S. Geological Survey
Water Resources of the United States

World Health Organization - Water Sanitation and Health



For information on Environmental Policy

Clean Water Indiana
Indiana Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts

Hoosier Chapter Soil and Water Conservation Society

Indiana Heritage Trust - IN Environmental License Plates

Indiana Department of Environmental Management

League of Conservation Voters

United States Environmental Protection Agency - Compliance

The White House - Issues: Energy and Environment



For information on Environmental Sociology

The Encyclopedia of the Earth, Applied Environmental Sociology

The Encyclopedia of the Earth, Treadmill of Production

Environmental Sociology - A Resource Page



For information on Landscaping and Natural Lawn Care

Earth Easy:  Organic Lawns and Gardens

National Wildlife Federation Garden for Wildlife

SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Home Landscapes for Environmental Sensitivity

United States Environmental Protection Agency, Green Landscaping: Greenacres

United States Environmental Protection Agency, Landscaping with Native Plants Factsheet

United States Environmental Protection Agency, A Source Book on Natural Landscaping for Public Officials

Wild Ones Organization



For information on Public Health and Greenspace

The Landscape and Human Health Laboratory

American Lung Association



For information on Recycling and Waste Reduction

E-cycling Central - Electronics Recycling

Indiana University~Purdue University Indianapolis Recycling Program

Recycle Indiana

SustainIndy - Recycling,Reuse,RecycleHome.aspx

United States Environmental Protection Agency:  Source Reduction and Reuse

United States Environmental Protection Agency: Energy Kid's Page



For information on Sustainability

Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education
Office of Campus Sustainability
Campus Ecology - National Wildlife Federation

Clean Air Cool Planet

Conservation International

The Daily Green

Earth 911

Earth Day Network

Ecological Footprint Quiz

Environmental Defense Fund

The Girl Effect

Green Piece Indianapolis

Indiana Living Green

Local Harvest - Find Local Growers / Farmer's Markets in Your Community

Planet Earth - Discovery Channel

US Environmental Protection Agency - Sustainability

US Department of Energy Green Power

Food and Agriculture Organization: Use of Phosphate Rocks for Sustainable Agriculture

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For information on Nonpoint Source Pollution

United States Environmental Protection Agency Nonpoint Source Pollution



For information on Stormwater and NPDES Background

NPDES homepage

NPDES Stormwater Program

Storm Drain Marking Manufacturers (Das manufacturing)


Indiana Storm Drain Marking Program



For information on Urban Environments

PBS - Bill Moyer's Earth on Edge:  Urban Ecosystems

United Nations Environment Programme
Urban Environment Unit

United States Environmental Protection Agency
Green Communities



For information on Wetlands

Environment Canada - Wetlands Publications

Indiana Department of Environmental Management - Wetlands

"Miles of Tiles" (History of agricultural tile drainage networks)
Chicago Wilderness Magazine

The Wilma H. Schiermeier Olentangy River Wetland Research Park at Ohio State University
Research article references

United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resource Conservation Service
Soil Classification

United States Environmental Protection Agency Wetland Restoration

United States Environmental Protection Agency Wetlands Site

"Wetland Restoration and Hypoxia Relief"
Earth Watch Radio



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