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Service Learning Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am registered for a service learning project?

You will receive an automatically generated web screen after clicking submit on the service learning registration page.  You'll also receive an email to your preferred address regarding project details and any other pertinent information. 

How do I register?

Completely fill out the online registration form on the service learning web site.

Why is the project that I want not listed on the registration menu?

Once registration opens, projects do frequently fill fast.  If a project is no longer listed in the registration menu and registration is open, it means that this particular project is full.  A notice is also provided on the web site when individual projects are closed.  

All of the projects are full and I need the requirement for my class, how do I participate?

All instructors who offer service learning for their courses also offer alternatives.  Speak with your instructor directly about additional projects you can complete.

How do I know if the service learning project is cancelled?

All projects are subject to change with weather conditions.  If weather conditions are unfavorable for a service learning project, the cancellation notice will be posted usually a day in advance of the work day on the service learning web site and you will be sent a cancellation notice via email.  The project will then be held on the already scheduled rain date.  Please do not call to ask about cancellations.  All information can be found on the web and via email.  If you do not see a cancellation notice, the project will be held as scheduled.  

How do I find the service learning project work site?

Each project web site has a driving directions link titled “How to Get There.”  We also provide additional information about directions and the meeting location on the project page and in the informational email we send out before the project.

Can I bring a guest?

Service learning project work days are an extension of the classroom.  Only students registered for a service learning project may attend the projects.  Please no guests, including children.

What are the requirements for G199?

The G199 course consists of students participating in five environmental service learning projects with the IUPUI Center for Earth and Environmental Science.  The CEES Environmental Service Learning project schedule and registration information can be found here.  Please review the service leaning schedule, select five projects and register for them online.  G199 students should contact the Director of CEES, Pierre Jacinthe, at to inform of G199 enrollment and with questions regarding registration and project information.  After completing the five service learning projects, G199 students will complete a 3-5 page paper outlining the overarching themes of the service learning projects and the projects’ relationships to the mission of CEES.  All papers will be submitted via the G199 Canvas site after the five service learning projects are completed for a course grade.

I have a disability, how do I participate?

If you have a disability and need accommodations, please contact us at  Please provide us with at least a two week notice of the request before the scheduled service learning project.

My questions are still not answered, how do I contact someone in person?

Please contact us via email at  We will schedule a phone call or meeting time to address your questions.