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Register for a Service Learning Event

Fall 2018 Events: All Projects have CLOSED.

Projects 7 and 8 can still accomodate a few more students. Register as "waitlist" (under the project menu) and then select the project that you want (under the waitlist menu) to reserve a spot. 

If you want to attend an event that has closed, select "waitlist" (under the Project menu) and select the project from the Waitlist menu. You will be notified if you obtain a spot.

Register for one event UNLESS you have special circumstances that allow you to register for additional events (multiple classes, class requires more than one event, or enrolled in G199).  The site will allow you to enroll in multiple projects if you have special circumstances; just sign up for each event separately AND contact the Center to have your multiple registrations approved. Failure to contact CEES to explain multiple enrollments will result in automatic restriction to one project.

Additional projects may be added during the course of the semester: check the project page occasionally for updates. If additional events are added, instructors of participating courses will be notified.

You may not register for a friend. Terms and Conditions do apply. You will be asked to read the Assumption of Risk and Photo Release, give authorization and provide an electronic signature at the end of the registration page.

The information being collected in this registration form will be used for internal purposes only.  We ask that you provide as much information as possible so that we may better understand and create a program that is more inclusive and effective for everyone, regardless of of age, race/ethnicity, or gender.  

**You will receive an email confirmation for each registration. If you do not receive an email, you likely have entered your email incorrectly or it went to your junk mail folder.  Please check this before contacting us.**

Select all that apply by holding down the ctrl (windows) or command (mac) key.
Only type your IUPUI username (i.e. text before the or
Write the whole name; please do not abbreviate.
Select all that apply; scroll to see all options.