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Service Learning



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Conference Abstracts/Oral and Poster Presentations and Invited Talks


  • Salazar, K.A., Tedesco, L.P., and Barr, R.C., 2011. Advancing Urban Water Quality Education and Environmental Stewardship through Service Learning and Community Partnerships. Sustaining the Blue Planet Global Water Education Conference, Bozeman, MT, September 2011.
  • Salazar, K.A., Tedesco, L.P., Barr, R.C., 2011. Fostering Environmental Restoration and Stewardship through Service-Learning. 22nd Annual Service-Learning Conference, Atlanta, GA, April 2011. Download Abstract (.pdf 6 kb)


  • Salazar, Kara. A., Robert C. Barr and Lenore P. Tedesco, 2009, Fostering Environmental Restoration and Stewardship through Service-Learning: First Annual Chapter Meeting of the Midwest-Great Lakes Society for Ecological Restoration Chapter, Indianapolis, April 2009. Download Abstract (.pdf 16.9 kb)


  • Tilton, A. and Salazar, K.A., To Mexico with Love: International Service Learning and Water Education, 37th Annual Meeting North American Association for Environmental Education, Wichita, Kansas, October 2008. Download Abstract (.pdf 28kb)




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Conference Abstract (.html) | Download Abstract (.pdf 37 kb).