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At the Center: Latest news from CEES

Rain Changes Plans for Service Learning Projects 3 & 4

Service Learning Projects 3 & 4 Rescheduled Due to Weather


Service learning projects 3 and 4, scheduled for Friday and Saturday (October 15 and 16), have been rescheduled due to inclement weather conditions.

Annual Monarch Tagging

Science, Data, and Monarchs Await!


Wanted: Volunteer Butterfly Taggers!

17-year Cicadas Are Back!

As Spring Segues into Summer, the Great Eastern Brood Arrives. 


DIY Service Learning Projects

Environmental Stewardship Goes Virtual for FALL 2020


National Moth Week

Community Science Alert  !!!  July 18-26 is National Moth Week

Interested in participating in community science?  Do you enjoy moths?  This is the week for you!

National Pollinator Week 2020

Pollinator Crisis

Bumbebee on Penstemon. (Photograph by VR Schmalhofer)

3rd Annual World Bee Day

May 20th is World Bee Day!


World Bee Day is recognized by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization for the purpose of promoting the health and welfare of these insect VIPs (very important pollinators), as well as educating about the threats that bees face.

Incorporating Charismatic Megafauna in the Classroom

Bird Watching as a Tool for Scientific Inquiry


Sora. Photo by VR Schmalhofer.

Earth Day 2020

April 22 Marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day


A day to celebrate nature and nurture the planet.

CEES Service Learning Projects Suspended

UPDATE: all currently scheduled Service Learning projects (projects 5-8) have been cancelled.


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