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IUPUI Faculty Sign Up: CEES Service Learning

If you are an IUPUI faculty member wanting to utilize CEES Service Learning as a part of your course, please fill out the following form so we can best prepare for your needs and the needs of your students.  ADDITIONALLY, please contact Victoria Schmalhofer via email ( to schedule a time for a class presentation.

NOTE: To utilize CEES Service Learning, an in-class presentation by CEES staff is REQUIRED.  This allows us to further explain the event opportunities and answer student questions.  If your course is online, staff can meet with you, and you can download the annotated class presentation to share with your students.

If offering service learning for an online course, please select the first day of classes.
If this is an online course, enter ARR for room number.
Topics typically covered at CEES Service Learning events include: Invasive species, Water quality, Nutrient cycling, Biodiversity, Erosion, Pollutants, Climate change, Ecosystem restoration, Ocean acidification, Impact of environment on human health, Sustainable food systems
Information on including a test question: One goal of CEES service learning events are to reinforce the learning objectives, defined by each instructor, of courses in which they are offered. A test question on the exam would address a learning objective that ALL students have been exposed to in class but is an objective that may have been reinforced for students that opted to participate in a service learning event. We expect the question would be fair to all students in a class. CEES staff are available to consult with you about including a question on the final exam. You may already have a question on the exam that fits this criteria.