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DIY Stewardship Projects

DIY Environmental Stewardship Projects

Spring 2021



BioBlitz Spring 2021

Spring 2021 BioBlitz Project Guide (project instructions)

Spring 2021 BioBlitz Data Sheet to be submitted to CEES.  Please note that this data sheet contains a sample page to show you what a completed data sheet would look like.

Handy Data Sheet for use in the field

Parks and other green spaces in and around Indianapolis.  Note: this is not a comprehensive list. 


BioBlitz: Using Seek (pictorial guide)

BioBlitz: Uploading Photos to iNaturalist


Megafauna Identification Aids

Indiana Squirrels

Common Winter Birds of Indiana: Birds of Forests and Forest Edges



Biodiversity apps:


     Seek User's Guide


     iNaturalist video tutorials

Merlin (bird identification app - get the Midwest pack)



Other Useful Sites & apps:

Invasive Species

EDDmapS (invasive species reporting): general information site

GLEDN (Great Lakes Early Detection Network - invasive species reporting): this is the EDDmapS Pro app for Indiana

Herpetology (Reptiles & Amphibians)

Midwest Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Herpetofaunal Phenology Project

HerpMapper project site - includes links to get the app and directions for reporting data     



For More Information Concerning Invasive Species:

CEES's List of Common Invasive Species of Central Indiana

Indiana Invasive Species Council List of Invasive Plants

USDA Plant Database

IDNR Invasive Plants