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Spring 2015 Service Learning


The Spring 2015 Service Learning events were a great success and packed full of environmental fun.  During this semester, CEES staff, many student volunteers, and dedicated staff from Indianapolis parks and organizations were able to revive large areas of native Indiana habitat by removing extensive amounts of invasive plant species and performing much needed trail restoration.  We were able to complete 9 service learning events during March and April at various locations around the Indianapolis area. 

The first two events completed were at Sodalis Nature Park where we removed large, invasive bush honeysuckle plants.  The honeysuckle in this park had grown to a height well over 5 feet tall. 

The third, sixth, and seventh service learning events were located at Holliday Park.  During these three events, volunteers spread out through much of the forest and removed several invasive plant species including garlic mustard, bittersweet, and honeysuckle of all shapes and sizes. 

Events four and five took place at the Marian University Nina Mason Pulliam EcoLab, which is one of my favorite locations.  Here, the volunteer groups removed nearly 30 bags full of invasive garlic mustard, and rebuilt the main trail around the lake. 

The final two events of the semester were held at Spades Park on Sunday April 26.  It was a perfect day for planting trees and shrubs, and removing honeysuckle to finish up the service learning events for the spring. 

Throughout the spring semester I learned a lot of valuable insight on topics of professionalism, environmental science, and service learning.  Jessica Davis and Danielle Follette of CEES have been incredible mentors and have giving me excellent advice to better myself and brighten my professional future.

Thank you CEES!

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