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Service Opportunity: Pollinator Garden

Union Chapel United Methodist Church to Install Pollinator Garden

On March 10 and 11 (12:00-4:00 PM) volunteers will gather at the Union Chapel United Methodist Church (located at 86th and Haverstick) to prepare an area that will become a pollinator gearden. Before planting can take place, the current cover of turf grass must be removed. Volunteers will apply cardboard/compost to the area (a method that will kill the grass without the use of chemical herbicides).

The pollinator garden is part of a larger restoration effort planned by the church. A total of ~ 5 acres will be converted to prairie, pollinator gardens, raised bed planters, and a food forest. The restoration effort is being organized by STRIVE (Sustainable Transfortmations: Resource Investment: Vital Engagement). For more information, contact STRIVE founder/president Megan Sharp at, or call (317) 983-1087.

GPS directions for the Union Chapel United Methodist Church: 2720 East 86th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46240.


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