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Outreach Highlights

Nearly 5000 Take Part in CEES Outreach Programs! 


The 2018/2019 Academic Year has been a busy one for CEES!  More than 4900 people participated in Center activities at 13 venues.  CEES attended events both large and small - and every size in between - to educate the public on a variety of environmental science and energy-themed topics. 


CEES's Science! Sprinter was an integral part of most outreach events.  The Center was able to build the mobile science lab thanks to a generous grant from the Duke Energy Foundation.


Smaller events (less than 100 participants) included STEM Night at SENSE Charter School, Summer Weather Camps at regional libraries with Kevin Gregory of RTV6, and the FFA trip to Starkey Farm. 

The CEES team demonstrates the affects of temperature, moisture, and pressure on air masses using the Tornado-in-a-Box (top) during Kevin Gregory's Summer Weather Camp at the Carmel-Clay Public Library.  A young engineer steps up for the Design-a-Drone challenge (bottom).


Although total attendance at an event could be (and generally was) higher, an event was considered "mid-sized" if 100-500 people visited CEES's area.  Mid-sized events included STEM Night at Brooks School, Canal Night at the State Museum, and the IUPUI Regatta. 

Setting up at Regatta.


At "big" events, more than 500 people stopped by CEES's area to engage in science.  Big events included Bug Fest at Southeastway Park, Celebrate Science! Indiana (held at the Indianapolis Fairgrounds), and Girl Scout STEM at the State Museum.

CEES interns Ian Marrs (right) and Tyler lawson (left) man the Bats and Bugs tables at Bug Fest.


CEES continued to delight (and educate) the public with the ever-popular Tornado-in-a-Box and Design-a-Drone Challenge, as well as Adventures in Pond Scum. These activities are taken from the Center's Energy of Storms and Aquatic Biodiversity programs, which are part of Discovering the Science of the Environment, the Center's signature education initiative.  Additionally, CEES premiered activities focusing on energy/material cycling through ecosystems: Decomposition 101 featured fungus and other decomposers, rotting logs, food webs, and Katie's Critters (a menagerie of adorable insects and related arthropods that play prominent roles in the decomposition process).

  CEES interns are ready to rock Aquatic Biodiversity at Celebrate Science! Indiana (top left).  CEES interns Katie Kolcun and Meghan Solano show off two of Katie's Critters (top right).  Ian Marrs explains atmospheric phenomena using the Tornado-in-a-Box (bottom left).  Kids of all ages enjoy the challenge of "Hoosier Daddy?" - a matching game in which juvenile insects are paired with their adult forms (bottom right).


The Center and our community partners are looking forward to another splendid year of science education outreach.  It is always a glorious day for science!

When it comes to science, a good time is had by all - especially those teaching.  Kevin Gregory and the CEES team get silly for science at the Carmel Library Weather Camp.

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