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Holiday Rock & Plant Sale


Due to delivery of a larger-than-expected order of poinsettias, the 2018 Holiday Rock 'n Plant Sale has been extended for one more day!

The "Lucky Bamboo" has sold out, but here are still many lovely poinsettias, as well as a few Jade Plants and Spider Plants. A fine selection of rock and mineral specimens remains for your shopping delight.

When: Wednesday, December 5 (10:00 AM - 3:00 PM)

Where: SL/LD Atrium (same place as before)


The Center for Earth and Environmental Science, Biology Club, and Earth Science Club are hosting the 2018 Holiday Rock 'n Plant Sale.

Get an early start on your holiday shopping! Add that festive bit of green (or red) to any room with a lovely Poinsettia, Lucky Bamboo, Spider Plant, or Jade Plant.

Remember: all that glitters is not gold - it could be pyrite! Or quartz, amethyst, galena, peacock ore - or any of a number of other sparkly rocks. The sale will feature geodes - both cut-and-polished as well as whole (for the Great Geode Smash) - agate slabs, fossils, quartz points, quartz clusters, amethyst clusters, amethysts points, tumbled stone, and much, much more!

Yes, there will be pewter dinosaurs.

When: Wednesday and Thursday, November 28 & 29 (9:00 AM - 4:00 PM)

Where: lobby between SL and LD

Proceeds support the Biology Club, Earth Science Club, and CEES.



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