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Darwin Day Celebration

Darwin's Day is February 12!

Join us as we celebrate the life and work of one of science's seminal figures.

Charles Darwin's theory of evolution through natural selection was heavily influenced by both his work as a geologist and as a biologist.  In a similar interdisciplinary spirit, Biology Club, Earth Science Club, and the Center for Earth and Environmental Science are joining together for a fund raising event of evolutionary proportions! 

Just in time for Valentine's Day!  

A (cut) rose by any other name still wilts in about a week.  Surprise your special someone with a gift that lasts just a bit longer.  Come see our fine selection of potted plants! Looking for a gift for the ages?  Peruse our selection of rock, mineral, and fossil specimens.

We have tumbled stone (they make excellent pet rocks or worry stones), quartz and amethyst crystals (ooooh! sparkly!), polished agate (hold a slab up to the light and be amazed), jewelry, and much more!

The sale will take place in the lobby of LD (1st floor) and will run from 10:00 - 2:00 (possibly a bit longer).  There is a rumor that there may be cake . . . . . 




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