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CEES Intern Blog: Hello From Gracesen

Hello! My name is Gracesen Brewster and I am a new CEES Research Intern. I am a senior pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in both Biology and Environmental Science at IUPUI. I have enjoyed learning about not only Biology on an individual level, but also on the global level. My areas of study allow me to absorb the real impact of the leading environmental concerns. I am very excited to continue learning about the environment and biology and applying what I learn to my work! Some of my hobbies outside of learning about the environment and our impact on it include taking walks in the woods at my family farm, reading, and playing with my animals.

I am excited to begin work with CEES on the Lilly ARBOR project where I will be cataloging data and conducting different data analysis to study the survivorship and other aspects of the plant species that were planted there. This opportunity allows me to not only make an impact on my campus and learn valuable research skills, but also to have an impact on the city of Indianapolis and improving its environment.

Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions about me or the Lilly ARBOR Project!

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