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CEES Intern Blog


It has been nearly three weeks since I became a part of the CEES Service Learning Program and I am gaining a better understanding of my duties as an intern.  Much of the past three weeks has been spent getting to know my colleagues, performing professional development tasks, and beginning to evaluate some details of past service learning events. 

On November 24, I accompanied Jessica Davis, Danielle Follette, and Lauren Sercer on a tour of the Marian University EcoLab.  Though the weather was cold and rainy, I enjoyed my first trip to the EcoLab, and I look forward to our Service Learning Events that will take place there in the Spring of 2014.  The scenery at the EcoLab is breathtaking and I am eager to see how the area changes based on the work of a colony of beavers living there.  We were able to see the lodges and dams the beavers have built, as well as some of the foliage they have been munching on during the past few months. 

I strongly recommend visiting the EcoLab any time of year while the weather permits.  There is a rich history that goes along with the EcoLab and it is wonderful to see native Indiana plant species thriving in the natural environment.  Visit the link for more information:

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