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About CEES

Our History

The IUPUI Center for Earth and Environmental Science (CEES) was established in 1997, and in 2010 received the Signature Center designation, an initiative of the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Research to recognize and support flagship research centers across the IUPUI campus. CEES is sponsored by the IUPUI School of Science, and relies on gifts and donations for its operation.

An Urban Environmental Center

Applied environmental research is important in bringing solutions to critical problems and gives CEES its uniqueness. Research and outreach programs are focused in central Indiana with local, state, national, and international collaborations and implications. Activities include the following core areas:

Research Program

CEES strives to bring together faculty from different academic disciplines to discuss complex issues and pursue large-scale external grants. In this context, CEES is very supportive of research initiatives that cross traditional science boundaries, facilitate science-based decision-making, and feed our science education programing. Current CEES-related projects include:

  • Lilly ARBOR riparian forest restoration project
  • retention of agricultural pollutants in wetlands and bioswales
  • algal monitoring at the Eagle Creek reservoir
  • water quality monitoring in School Branch
  • soil health and resilience of agro-ecosystems to summer droughts
  • edge-of-field monitoring project at Starkey Farms and Little Ireland Farms to optimize phosphorus fertilization practices and protect water quality
  • fluvial erosion hazard project to document the risk posed by mobile streams to infrastructure in the state of Indiana

Education & Outreach

Education and outreach programs are offered as an avenue to share research discovery with the public, and make science real and relevant. In addition to their nature as community service, these activities also provide opportunities for IUPUI students to get involved in science education and STEM pedagogy research. Education/outreach offerings include: 

  • Environmental Education Resources
  • Discovering the Science of the Environment program
  • K-12 teacher workshops and support
  • practical engagement experiences for undergraduates interested in the environment and science education
  • continuing education workshops for environmental professionals

Public Service and Environmental Stewardship

Our public service programs immerse participants in experiential projects that address current environmental issues and improve natural areas in central Indiana. CEES provides service learning opportunities and partnerships with various city and state agencies and nonprofit organizations.

  • Service Learning program offers stewardship activities for students, corporate volunteers, and the community
  • environmental data production and dissemination