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Mobile STEM Programs

Mobile STEM Programs

for Central Indiana Middle School and High Schools

Our mobile classroom comes to you!  The Discovering the Science of the Environment van travels to your school to provide free Earth & Environmental Science programs for grades 5-12.  DSE programs are designed for the outdoors, incorporating a school's natural areas when available.  (Most programs can also be held indoors in winter months and inclement weather.)  Programs are aligned with Indiana State Science Standards and Excellence in Environmental Education-Guidelines for Learning.  These programs feature hands-on, scientific investigations and can be tailored to suit individual class needs and the local environment. 

Please refer to program topics below.

DSE programs are typically 60 minutes in length but can be adapted for shorter or longer class sessions.  

Grade Range: Programs are designed for 5th-12th grade students. 

Scheduling: To schedule a program, please begin by completing this form, or email the Center (  Indicate the desired program, grade level, and number of students/classes. 


Program topics:

The Energy of Storms

In the Energy of Storms we demonstrate the science behind storm systems-- especially wind, thunderstorms and tornados.  Students learn to identify markers of storm cells and recognize the conditions that lead to tornados.

Healthy Soils, Clean Water

Dig into soil to discover how soil health impacts our water, air and plant resources.  Soil is a living system, and healthy soils provide an environment that sustains and nourishes plants, soil microbes and beneficial insects.  Students do hands-on soil & water investigations to determine how soil health affects infiltration and erosion. 

Solar Energy

Follow the path of a photon as it travels from the sun to earth’s surface and solar energy is converted and passed through a food web.  Students will investigate how energy flows through a natural environment and then experiment with capturing the sun’s energy using photovoltaic cells and producing electricity. 

Indiana Ecology

The Eastern Deciduous Forest once dominated Indiana’s landscape.  In this lesson students consider which ecosystems persist today and the abiotic and biotic factors that characterize each one.  Students learn to recognize the layers of a healthy forest, the microhabitats within aquatic systems and the habitat value of agricultural lands.


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