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CEES Staff Program Contacts

The IUPUI Center for Earth and Environmental Science ("CEES") maintains a staff to assist with community science partnerships as well as coordinate and conduct research with faculty, engage in local restoration activities, lead service learning experiences for undergraduates, and coordinate environmentally themed STEM programming for K12 students locally and internationally.  Full list of staff

Pierre-Andre Jacinthe, Director
Dept Earth Science

Victoria Schmalhofer, PhD
Assistant Director

Samuel Ansaldi
Education Specialist

Danielle Follette
Environmental Science Research Specialist

Bob Barr
Staff Scientist (FEH Community Liaison)




IUPUI Faculty and Staff affiliates

IUPUI faculty and researchers drive the core of CEES research. Originally established by the Department of Earth Sciences in 1997 and named an IUPUI Campus Signature Center in 2010, CEES works with a number of faculty affiliates across IUPUI including faculty in:

  • School of Science
  • Law
  • School of Liberal Arts (geography, history, political science)
  • Public Health
  • SPEA (School of Public and Environmental Affairs)


Community Partners